AVQ 380 Dry pick-up vacuum cleaner aircraft line


4,215.28 lei cu TVA
Single motor dry pick-up vacuum cleaner with Structofoam bin and steel motor head. Perfect for dry cleaning carpets and upholstery in airplanes. 115V 400Hz powered. Compact design, low weight, four trolley wheels and a large range of available accessories allow for convenient use in tight and hard-to-reach places, such as a airplane passenger cabin. Compatible bags NVM-2BH. Delivered without end plug. Standard equipment with AS4 32mm This vacuum cleaner CANNOT BE USED for collecting flammable, explosive or harmful substances (e.g. asbestos). Motor:960W Airflow:47/S Suction:2500mm Dry capacity:15l Cord:10m Weight:9,04kg Dimensions:355x355x465mm

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